Dance for a Cause

Director’s Letter

Dear Friends, Imagine being terrified in your own home and this is not due to an intruder but due to one who intrudes upon you every day, this person is “closest” to you, but chooses to abuse you.  Every day hundreds of Douglas County residents are suffering from domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.  Every day, since 1978, Battered Persons’ Advocacy (BPA) is available 24-7 to respond to crises due to family violence and/or sexual assault.  Unfortunately, this epidemic is not slowing down nor the cost incurred for providing care and support to these survivors. These are our core services:
  1. Emergency Services Team: 24-hour hotline and crisis intervention, direct emergency assistance (e.g. door locks, bus tickets, clothing, 911 phones), resources and referrals (e.g. food stamps, housing, counseling)
  2. Shelter Team: emergency safe shelter, case management, support groups, and transportation (e.g. medical appointments, school, shopping)
  3. Legal Advocacy Team: assistance with completing and filing civil protective orders, support at contested protective order hearings, trial and/or family court hearings, other advocacy and referrals to law enforcement and Legal Aid
  4. Transitional Services Team: five, 2-3 bedroom low-income units and referrals to other affordable housing, case management, resources and referrals
  5. Sexual Assault Services Team: 24/7 sexual assault/rape response, coordination of county-wide Sexual Assault Response Team and trainings, and outreach to community groups, schools, coalition members, etc.
  6. Community Outreach Team: BPA Advocate provides consultation, training and services at the Department of Human Services offices (Self-sufficiency Program and Child Welfare Program). Safer Futures & Healthcare Advocate provides services, consultation and training to healthcare clinics and providers such as Cow Creek Health & Wellness Clinic, South River Community Health Center, and Mercy Medical Center.
BPA is hosting its 8th Annual Gala, Saturday, February 23, 2019 which will be held at Seven Feathers Casino and Resort to support survivors.  This year there will be a dance competition and guest dance performances. Be prepared for an evening of enjoyable entertainment brought to you by local couples and entertainers! The evening will also include a plated dinner delivered to each guest at their table. Each year this event gains momentum in both attendance and monetary support.  The reason for this is because of all the gracious and giving sponsors, volunteers, and in-kind donors.  We have grown since 2013, when we had 12 dancers, 150 guests raising $16,000 to last year having over 39 dancers, 400 guests and raising $72,000   I invite you to get involved in this incredible event. Melanie Taylor Prummer, M.A. Executive Director Battered Persons’ Advocacy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a community free from family violence, sexual assault, and stalking though empowerment, education, and support.

“We both have a heart for people who are trapped in these horrible situations. We hope they raise lots of money for Battered Persons’ Advocacy so they can intervene and help these people who feel trapped and abused.”

~ Monte Smith, 2014 Dance Competitor